[lit-ideas] Untottering the Impermeable

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Actually didn't he  reply, when Russell pointed out the contradiction at 
the heart of his system,  "Arithmetic is tottering" - though in fact it was 
just his own theory that was  tottering.

Admit contradictions and you admit anything: that is why they  are 


Although it was more like a permeateable  leak than a contradiction _in 
sensu strictu_.

Anyway, there's  _untotter_:  

you take 3 tarts out of the pimp's dozen, how many do  you get:

pimp's dozen  (modeled upon baker's dozen:  13)


untottering:  10.

Pimps and tarts. Tarts have a lot of things in common with unOxonian  
tutors. I was reading a classified the other day for an educational service.  
"You'll learn Japanese in two weeks. The first hour is  free".



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