[lit-ideas] Re: Unitarians--for Judy

  • From: Judy Evans <judithevans001@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 2 Jan 2005 16:52:08 +0000

Saturday, January 1, 2005, 11:41:15 PM, William Ball wrote:

WB> I decided some time ago that I couldn't belong to any organized
WB> religion,
WB> so I joined the Unitarians.

I know a Unitarian! -- hello, Bill -- I've met someone from more or less every
other variety of religion here, but never that.  I must find out more
about it.

WB> A fellow complained that Unitarians never mention Jesus in the church.
WB> My friend turned to him and said, "Not, so! I heard him mentioned last
WB> Sunday when the janitor fell down the cellar stairs."


WB> Incidentally, last Sunday a busybody on the ferry to Nantucket annoyed
WB> passengers by asking them what church they attended. He berated most in
WB> a rather insulting manner and was about to be tossed off the fantail
WB> when he asked one fellow who responded he was Unitarian. The man
WB> shouted, "I admire you Unitarians, dammit. You don't believe in a goddam
WB> thing, and you practice it every day of the week, including Sunday."

See our Anglicans are a bit like that...

WB> That's all from here. Happy New Year to you, Judy, and all.

and a Happy New Year to you, Bill




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