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Eric's animated anecdote reminded me that my encounter with the Eastern European woman had inspired me to write a short piece. It was partly an excercise in writing with a different voice, partly an effort to relate my impressions.

Without apologies, but with a great deal of foreboding, because I get extremely tense about this sort of thing...

Bra Straps
It's her bra straps actually. They're what caught me. Not literally you understand, that would have involved a whole manner of shenanigans, integral to which would have been the lack of her blouse. And just how do you manage to get snagged by bra straps anyway. Far too complex. No. They caught my eye. That's better, it's her bra straps that caught my eye.

They're off her shoulders you see. Perpetually off her shoulders it seems to me, though that in itself isn't quite right because on a couple of occasions I've seen her come on duty and they haven't yet fallen down. But on other days, when I go in a bit later, they'll be off again, not half an hour into her shift and they're down around her upper arms.

Not that she's in any danger of, well you know, losing them. No that's not quite right. Exposing them should I say. She has her blouse after all, and added to that there seemed a sort of permanence to the arrangement, a solidity to the way her bra fits. Perhaps it's a size too small, though as to that I couldn't say. Shame. The point is, she isn't in any danger of compromising herself. And how can I be sure of that? Simple really. She never make's any effort to restore the straps to their proper place. It wouldn't take much I'm sure. A quick shrug, a furtive restoration and back they'd be. But no, there's none of that. And I for one am grateful.

You see this discrepancy, this happenstance conveys an impression that she's in some way compromised. No, that's not quite there and I've used it already. Lessened perhaps, diminished. Neither of those either. Hold on let me consult the Thesaurus . susceptible . defenceless . Oh alright compromised will have to do. But you get where I am I hope. No? Alright let's take it a bit further, after all, you have to understand what she's like and where she's working.

It's Macari's you see. That's where she works. It's not a top notch eatery, not even a coffee house with an up-market clientelle, it's Macari's, where the rest go, the hum drum people, the dregs if you like. Or at least those that can afford a coffee. And it's busy (except on Wednesday of course, though that's another story), very busy, especially at lunch time when she works. A solid, relentless influx of customers ensuring that any spare tables are spare for less than a minute before they are occupied again. That sort of place.

And what does she do? Clears the tables of course. Clears and wipes. Clears and wipes. Often more than one table in one trip out into the bear pit, piling up her trays high with cups and saucers, plates and cutlery, dirty ashtrays and left overs. Not a chore you would choose to do at all, but she does it. Efficiently, quickly, expertly, she clears and wipes, clears and wipes, carries and washes. Oh yeah, she washes as well, and dries, and she puts the clean ash trays out as well, often after she's cleaned and wiped. She's very efficient, very quick, and very expert. Like she's done it all before. Which I think she has.

But what's she like, I hear you ask. You are asking aren't you? Well let's assume you are. And how do you want it. Literal? Well she's a redhead to start with. A natural one I assume. I have to assume that actually, because there's no way I can verify it is there. Not without.well in the same way I can't confirm whether her bra's too small. You understand? Right. A redhead then. She pulls it back too. No her hair! Christ you people. She ties her hair back, alright, and you can see the roots too, and there's no change in colour. So she's a natural. There, I don't have to after all.you know. A redhead. I like redheads actually, but you don't need to know that.

And she's attractive as well. She has those full lips. What's that? No I'm sure there's no collagen involved. Well not sure really. I mean I can't confirm it can I? No, I really can't confirm that at all. Look she works in Macari's, she cleans and wipes, cleans and wipes, how's she going to afford a collagen implant. Exactly. Now where was I? Yes, full lips. Natural full lips. And dark eyes too. Sort of hazel-coloured, but darker. Mysterious, yes, I like that, mysterious eyes. Furtive sometimes. No, that's not quite right. Alert. That's better. Alert and bright. She has to look out for those few seconds when a table's been vacated you see, so she has to have alert eyes.

What else? Well she's got a slim figure and she wears an apron. An apron.an apron.Oh god, why did I have to mention the apron? I've got a thing about aprons. It's the way they sort of hug the figure, and they separate at the back and you can imagine.you can imagine.excuse me a moment.

Alright, I'll say it all really quickly. She's a redhead with dark hazel eyes, a slim tall figure and she wears that thing that waitresses wear when they're working. What's that? She's tall? Well she is. Around five ten I suppose, maybe a touch under, but that's not as important. The point is, you have to take it all together. This is an attractive woman. Get it? She works hard, she's efficient and expert. Like she's done it all before.

And that, in my reckoning, is the crux. She's done it before. You see, from the little I've heard her say, and that very softly, I reckon she's an Eastern European. Polish maybe. Hungarian possibly. Or even Russian, though I'm sure I'd recognise that. Anyway, she's come over here, willing to work, experienced, eager, and she's landed this job in Macari's cleaning and wiping, washing and drying. Most likely she gets paid a pittance. But she does it and she does it well. I like that. No not in that way! I like the fact that she's willing to get on, willing to work hard - harder than most of the people who work there - and yet from the look of her she's above it. Above the hum drum people, above the dregs, and yet she doesn't let it show.

She works hard and she doesn't care if her bra straps fall off her shoulders in the process. That's what caught me. That and her beautiful smile.

Ah! I didn't mention her smile did I. Well another time perhaps.

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>>This nonsense about Americans being unwilling
to do crap jobs is just that...nonsense used to justify the dictatorship of global capitalism (aka globalism).

Furthermore, he said animatedly, the first thing I had to do on my first day of the job as busboy was to clean wide swaths of vomit out of the ladies' toilet in a busy restaurant. Some woman had too many Bloody Marys (I think), ran to the toilet, but missed her mark.

Hence me, newly hired, with the mop and sponges...after scoring above 750 in the GREs. And if I was willing to do that, I'm sure others would do the same to make an honest living.

The contrary is just dictatorship of global capitalism propaganda.

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