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We have a very, very fortified shelter here in North Bay. But it was never meant for the citizens. It's an underground NORAD base. "The complex lies 60 stories below North Bay under Reservoir Hill and cost 50 million dollars to build. It could house 1000 people for a month completely sealed off from the outside world." I visited it once for the official tour. I believe it ceased operation in 1997. A 1960 news clip from the CBC archives:
An odd little bit from 1986 (still cold War days)

When we first moved to North Bay in 1971, we heard all kinds of jokes about it being target number 2 for the Soviets. We figured it was best anyway to go quickly than to linger. In the military there was a bit of the mentality of "the mail will get through" ...with little thought of who would be left to open it.

JimKandJulieB@xxxxxxx wrote:

It's curious that no one responded to this. I'd be interested in what the situation is like in other States. In Missouri, about 25 - 30 years ago, during the height of nuclear warfare fear, people jumped on the underground shelter bandwagon (something like the post-9/11 duct tape and plastic sheeting thing).....lots of underground concrete shelters, stocked with emergency supplies -- clothes, jugs of water, canned food, radios, flashlights, batteries. My folks knew a couple who spent exorbitant amounts of money on a home they purchased, reinforcing the underground walls with very thick concrete, etc. They were die-hards and I wouldn't be surprised if that shelter is still there now. Gradually as the cold war stuff melted away these started being turned into recreational rooms, storage areas, etc., or simply ignored. A few hard core self-preservationists have hung onto them for years .... "we'll be glad someday, you'll see" mentality. When these started springing up there were also public underground shelters publicized. It hasn't occurred to me until now to wonder whatever happened to those.

Julie Krueger

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