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The New Yorker gave a good review of Troy, so we went to see it last night. 
It's pretty
okay, for a war movie.

It's fairly accurate about the Greek military. No stirrups on horses, they 
fought with their
javelins and short swords, and so on. The view of Troy burning was quite well 
done, plus the
vast armies in motion.

No wine dark sea. There were a pair of llama or alpacas in the marketplace. 
These must have
wandered in somehow. Achilles' "special friend" Patrocles is now his "cousin." 
Perhaps they
meant his kissing cousin. Whatever. The gods have foresaken this movie: they 
don't show up
at all. The ten-year siege has been shortened down to a month or so, in keeping 
with the
current fad for short quick wars on Asia Minor.

The New Yorker points out that the movie is easier to understand than the poem. 
The poem is
about emotions, honor, and patriotism, all of which are very foreign to the USA 
these days.
Instead, the movie shows that Agammenon is out to grab Troy to increase 

All of the other actors are quite good. Brad Pitt, as Achilles, the central 
figure, is
woefully in the wrong place. Looking like a surfer dude, he simply doesn't come 
across as a

Anyway, it's watchable.


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