[lit-ideas] Travel instead of war...(was something less cheerful)

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Your answer motivated me to actually look back to find when I was there. It was April of 2001 and we visited London, Oxford, Bath, Cardiff, Tintern Abbey and Monmouth, Cheltenham and the Cotswolds. Do they still have the peacocks on the castle grounds? Unfortunately, I was limping around Cardiff as I'd fairly seriously twisted my ankle in Bath.

This list of destinations added quite a few places to my Life List of Unesco Heritage Sites. I think I'm in the forties somewhere. Anyone else keep such a list? Let's talk travel instead of war... We're off to Paris, Berlin, Riga and Avignon this August. Where are others off to? What are you taking along to read? What place would you recommend to the undecided? Tell us your travel horror stories. Let's talk about bathrooms and toilet paper in foreign cultures. The wax paper in England. The corrugated paper in Germany. The lack of paper in Turkey.

I'll begin with a story from long, long ago. (It has both travel and toilet paper in it) When I was six, my parents dragged our family of seven across the ocean (from Salzburg) and plunked us down in a little basement apartment on the South Side of Chicago. Some ladies from the local Lutheran Church welcomed us and brought us (this is 1954) candies and toilet paper. They handed out the candies with much fanfare, suspecting that we'd never seen such (even though, right on the package it said Made in Germany). The toilet paper they proceeded to show around and then coyly explained it's use to my mother. They were kindhearted, but probably had never been outside of Chicago. Your turn,

Judith Evans wrote:

Cardiff changes daily but you'll have seen much of the
new Cardiff (luckily, Roath Park hasn't changed) then.
The Bay though probably hadn't really got going.

You probably saw Bute Park, by the castle -- if you
were here briefly, that is.

Doctor Who is mainly filmed in Cardiff and nearby, but
I've never been around at the time.

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