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Well said. That is the problem, in a nutshell, that the majority  will
not exercise limited use.  I suspect that even coal would suffice if
only...  That is, fundamentally, my argument against religious
veggiedom.  That is to say, that abstention from the consumption of meat
is not enough, it is merely a star(t) on the horizon...

egregiously yours,

  I recently heard a discussion with pro-nuclear power types who claim
  it's not dangerous.  They made a pretty good case.  The problem from
  what I could tell is that we don't really have much choice.  Natural
  gas powers a lot of our electricity (oil is mostly transportation,
  agriculture, plastics and the like) and natural gas is going the way
  of oil which is to say, it's a finite resource, running down.  Water
  is running down too, so states that use hydroelectric power may start
  to see declines in the not too distant future.  Biofuel is a waste,

  The problem with nuclear power plants is that they take about 10
  years to come on line, and they take oil to build, so we need to get
  started on them pretty quick, and of course where to bury the rods
  (some can be recycled I think).  Unfortunately, we need so many power
  plants that there's only enough uranium for about 20 years if enough
  plants were to be built to power everything. 

  The real answer is conservation, lots of conservation, plus wind and
  solar farms out in the desert.  Also conserving water big time and
  transporting goods by rail and water instead of truck.  I heard/read
  that Algeria I think is coming up with solar farms, these huge
  magnified mirror type things, such that they may be able to power
  Europe.   We're not even beginning to think about anything at all. 

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    From: David Wright <wright@xxxxxxxx>
    Subject: [lit-ideas] Re: Today's situation with food
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    Always a Roberts reader, and even a secret Irene affic...  I
    wouldn't bust your (non-pork) chops if I didn't generally agree
    with you.  By-the-by, what are your thoughts on nuke power,
    considering that we cannot reasonably expect the masses to limit
    their consumption of electricity.

    turning a dynamo,

      An interesting discussion on today's situation with food,
      offering solutions as well as problems, from On Point:


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