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  • Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2008 02:05:11 -0700

Phil says

I want to suggest that there is a sense of normativity involved in
doing philosophy that isn't quite as pronounced in psychology.
Consider Wittgenstein and wanting to help the fly out of the bottle, a
desire that goes somewhat beyond mere looking.

There is indeed a 'sense' of normativity, although it seems to come and go. I take Wittgenstein seriously when he says things like 'Don't think, but look!' and 'Nothing is hidden...' These for now are just catch phrases, but they are embedded in his relentless attack on 'occult entities,' and the 'mechanism of the mind.' This long, drawn out battle doesn't take the form of discursive reasoning, but of examples and counterexamples put forward to convince 'us' to stop believing that there _must_ be mental processes, e.g., and to focus on what people actually do when they're intending or expecting something (e.g.). The expression 'actually do' is no doubt contentious. And it's getting late.
(Is that an argument?)

Robert Paul

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