[lit-ideas] Tibet, The Cry of the Snow Lion

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  • Date: Sun, 19 Nov 2006 00:56:05 -0500

Well, crampons unnecessary.  It turned out to be about the political struggle 
of Tibet.  I don't know how I missed that when I put it on the list.  Most 
definitely worth seeing, but be forewarned, some of the pictures are pretty 
graphic.  I came away thinking, that yes, the Chinese have every right to be 
enraged at the Japanese over Nan King, but they themselves are not doing much 
better in Tibet.  It's that bad.  They also touch on the mass hysteria called 
Mao's Cultural Revolution mass murder of their own people.   The struggle over 
Tibet  is strictly over domination of Asia, control over the rooftop of the 
world.  Knowing what I know about the USSR, I am convinced that Communism is 
the Bubonic Plague of the 20th Century.  Unfortunately, we collude with the 
Chinese when we think it's in our best interests.  The CIA had sided with Tibet 
against China, had trained Tibetan resistance fighters, then abandoned them 
when Nixon began talking to the Chinese.  The movie makes the po
 int that the U.S., by buying Chinese goods is directly subsidizing Chinese 
genocide in Tibet, not to mention digging an economic hole for itself.  On the 
other hand, not talking to the Chinese is probably worse.   We are putting no 
pressure on them to stop what they're doing in Tibet. 

A personal observation (not in the movie)  is that the Tibetan genocide puts 
things like the Holocaust in perspective.  In other words, until techniques for 
creating humans are vastly improved, which will be never, this is just what 
human beings do, they hurt each other, often brutally.  We even delight in 
thinking that the Romans, who were among the most barbaric people ever to live, 
who, under Nero, lit their festivities with human lanterns, are held up as 
paragons of civilization.  I do recommend the movie.  It's excellent, but leave 
your crampons in the car.

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