[lit-ideas] Re: Thus Spake the Dragon

  • From: "Judith Evans" <judithevans1@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2007 10:40:47 +0100

>That's what I was wondering, Judy.  I mean they seem theoretically 
>the same, so I wonder what the technological differences actually 
>are beyond a matter of (expensive) quality

the one Medicaid's using is speaker-independent small-vocabulary,
limited vocabulary, will only accept certain input.  NaturallySpeaking (and 
and Windows Vista SR) are trained
by the speaker who'll use it (basically) though NaturallySpeaking is
now very good 'out of the box', and normally can't be used
successfully without a good microphone and sound car and, in
most cases, a reasonably good  environment.  (Some people
can get round this to an extent because they have remarkably good voices,
some mikes are good enough for rather poor or simply very
noisy environments.)  'Phone quality sound is simply
not good enough for programs like NaturallySpeaking.  (Also
NaturallySpeaking etc. are technically different -- analyse
sounds in a different way from the speaker-independent
programs -- but I don't know anything about that.)

Youtube has some NaturallySpeaking videos, e.g.


Judy Evans, Cardiff

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