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Phil: I mention these two writers because Gilmour doesn't seem in person to be
the same as his television, or perhaps literary, persona while Richler
is very much the same.  A question for those who know such things: To
what degree do writers fit the character of their literary works?

There is a definite fragility that you mention behind the 'manness' with most of Gilmour's characters. It's funny, I've never met him, but I definitely imagined him to be just as you described him. I also have [thankfully] not met D. Richler because he seems like an insufferable jerk ALL the time to me. Richler has stylized messy hair, Gilmour's is just messy because he's messy. I also don't think Daniel is a very good writer at all. He has most definitely achieved a lot of what he has done just from having a famous daddy.

Again, thanks to Paul and I think I might have a go at some of Gilmour's

I'd recommend "how boys see girls" and "lost between houses" as a good way to feel him out.
For an interesting departure, see "An Affair with the Moon."


Paul Stone
Kingsville, ON, Canada

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