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On Oct 23, 2006, at 3:39 PM, Steve Chilson wrote:

about Glencoe

Yes, I have been there, it was my favourite place in the UK in three
years. Can't find a house to buy. Still stuck here. But inching
closer. It's a place where your head explodes; fuck what do I love more
the mountains or the lake? That kind of place. You?

I'm still waiting for Erin's account of the Scottish wedding and an explanation of why she wants to raise sheep in the Western Isles. Among my fantasies is an extended stay on Mull maybe, a long summer of nothing but painting and quiet and the light on water. Oh, and no midges. Scotland is extraordinary, the best place in the world except for the midges, the weather, the lack of a way to make a living, the food, the soccer, drunk louts, dark winters, real estate prices....

David Ritchie
exiled in Oregon

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