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on 5/31/04 8:44 PM, JulieReneB@xxxxxxx at JulieReneB@xxxxxxx wrote:

> <<'Swotted' (UK, fr. sweated)>>
> Ya know, that's what I thought and then I thought it was too obvious and I
> was being corny...  Does one "swot" in the UK?  Is one "swotty"?  Curious that
> it's not a matter of pronunciation only.

And where has Mirembe gone?  Until she brakes free, I shall have to educate
the pipple re. swots.

At St. Custards there are:

Cads, who always have a grandmother who is the Duchess of Blank and are
inclined to cheat at conkers

Oiks, tuough boys who have not had our advantages

Goody-goodies, fotherington-tomas, need I sai more?

Bulies, who are fat and roll about the place clouting everybode.

Snekes, who are unspekable

Swots, who know all the words to the Burial of Sir John Moore at Corunna,
and who sniff specemens on Botany walks.  Everyone on this list is probably
a swot, a grate brane and a whizz who crams.  Chiz chiz.

David Ritchie
pp. Nigel Molesworth
Portland, Oregon  

p.s.  "Thinks" is in my view David Lodge's second dullest book.  Try others.

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