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Stephen Straker suggests, re 'fuzz':

>I guess the movies themselves are enough to widen its circulation. OTOH,
its use in *this* novel might well be the professor (or the
author) showing off his transatlantic connections.<

Could be, but after having acknowledged its US origins, the OED gives these
citations in Britwrite:

1961 WODEHOUSE Ice in Bedroom x. 75 The society of coppers, 
peelers, flatfeet, rozzers and what are known in the newest argot of her 
native land as `the fuzz' always affected her with an unpleasant 

1964 E. AMBLER Kind of Anger iii. 76 If the fuzz get excited 
we may have to produce her. 

1969 Times 25 July 5/2 (heading) Fuzz sock it to 
the mean cats. 

1971 WODEHOUSE Much Obliged, Jeeves xv. 165 If the fuzz search 
my room, I'm sunk. 

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