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  • From: Stephen Straker <straker@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 01 Jun 2004 10:28:49 -0700

> 'Swotted' (UK, fr. sweated) = (in this case) to have prepared thoroughly for 
> an
> exam ('swotted up' a subject).  

As a last resort, look it up or check the manual. But I'm
not that desparate. I can ask the list. 

I always supposed "swotted up" came from "swot" - the sound
made when pounding or beating something, like beating a rug
- so when something is "swotted" or "swotted up", it's
beaten up and down, beaten into submission, thoroughly
worked over ... 

Anything to this? 

Stephen Straker 
Department of Creative Etymology

Vancouver, B.C.

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