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  • Date: Mon, 31 May 2004 22:40:05 EDT

A couple years ago either someone on the Phil-Lit list or on a book 
discussion list (which included several philosophy & psychology types) I used 
to belong 
to someone referred to me the book "Thinks" by David Lodge.  If someone here 
remembers suggesting the book, or is familiar with it, would you say so?  I'm 
only in the middle of chapter 4, having just picked it up this evening (I 
found a scrap of paper with the title & author scrawled on it in a muddle of 
papers a couple weeks ago and remembered I wanted to order the thing).  I'm 
already wondering what of his I want to read next.  I find his breadth of 
knowledge impressive and his writing style very entertaining.  I love, e.g., 
brief description of TV -- "For simple mindless distraction you can't beat 
evening television.  No scene lasts more than thirty seconds, and the stories 
jump from character to character so fast that you hardly notice how 
cardboard-thin they are.".  But it's a truly fascinating discussion of 
wrapped in a novel -- and the plot is also an aspect of the examination and 
exploration of what consciousness is.  I wasn't, for a long time, very good 
American vernacular, much less contemporary British, so I am puzzled by some 
vocabulary which seems to be British colloquialisms I would not likely find in 
dictionary  -- "swotted"?  (Judy?) -- "Was it for this they swotted for A 
Levels...?"; "fuzz" -- "No fuzz asking you to turn out your pockets." (?).  I'm 
really writing this post, though, to elicit reactions to or discussion of the 
book if anyone has read it, and to tell you who haven't that you would want to 
Julie Krueger

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