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ecco speranza, hai fatto la scorreggina come fioretto a sang?
e' ora di andare a letto

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> donalmcevoyuk@xxxxxxxxxxx writes in "Re: not even wrong...": "[The]
> passage
> repeatedly confuses noumena like "self", (external) "world" and "God" with
> our
> "ideas" or "products of intellect" pertaining to these noumena: Kant does
> not
> suggest "God" as noumena is the same as our idea of God, and indeed for
> Kant
> it  is a fundamental confusion to suggest this. Noumena are the "objects"
> or
> 'things  in themselves' that lie beyond the world of our phenomenal
> experience - they are  not merely (or at all) to be confused with any
> ideas or
> "intellectual  constructions" or "products of intellect" we might devise
> that
> pertain to these  noumena. Among the fundamental questions Kant wants to
> address is what we might  legitmately claim as knowledge of these noumena
> given
> the limitations of our  phenomenal experience - he does not want to
> collapse
> these noumena (e.g. the  existence of "God") into a set of mere
> "intellectual constructions" or "ideas"  or "products of intellect"
> derived from
> phenomenal experience."
> Perhaps we may go further, and with
> PDF]Chapter  II
> philosophy.uchicago.edu/.../Gustafsson-Entangled...
> Traduci questa  pagina
> 'thing-in-itself' as a “perverse” and “nonsensical” idea
> claim that the 'thing-in-itself' is NONSENSICAL.
> I believe that was Ayer's claim in his Gollancz book, and it may have been
> the motivation behind Strawson's seminars at Oxford (later turned into a
> book),  "The bounds of sense", an essay on Kant's philosophy.
> Some philosophers, such as H. Paul G., informally, speak of 'material
> object', but I would think we should distinguish between 'object' (which
> belongs
>  to epistemology) and 'thing' which belongs to ontology. And of course,
> there may  be more to 'self', 'God', and 'world' than _matter_ "anyways",
> to
> use the  vernacular.
> Cheers,
> Speranza
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