[lit-ideas] Re: There's no such thing as a free cremation

  • From: Eric Yost <eyost1132@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 18 Nov 2006 13:53:39 -0500

Mike: "Factory," you say, " what's a factory?"

I drove across West Virginia recently. That's Bobby "Pork Barrel" Byrd's state. The speed limit is 70 on the pristine interstates, and the large towns (like Charleston) are industrial complexes with a few office buildings added for variety. Huge chemical complexes and smokestacks belching colored plumes. Convoys of big trucks carrying fabricated metal, stacked pallets, and all kinds of heavy machinery. Most of West Virginia smells worse than Manhattan.

Ah, factories, those dark satanic mills. Cancer clusters, particulates out the wazoo, and industrial jobs. Need 'em and hate 'em, want 'em and don't want 'em.

As Merwin says in a poem, "if we knew, if we even knew what we needed, the stars would look to us to guide them."

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