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> On 2004/08/26, at 13:27, Andreas Ramos wrote:
> > The same system worked under the sky gods. If the ruler didn't perform
> > his duties, a major
> > invasion would turn into a disaster or a hurricane would pass through
> > his favorite state.

John replies...

> What an utterly inane comment.
> Anyone who believes that the alarms and excursions attendant on
> democratic elections are on a par with, for example, the Wars of the
> Roses, the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, Pizzaro's conquest of the
> Inca,  or the peasant rebellions that overthrew waning Chinese
> dynasties (to list just a few examples) should pay a bit more attention
> to his historical education.

John's examples are all examples of people who knew what they were doing.

John should pay less attention to history and more attention to current events.

The USA's current activities have no sense whatsoever to them. The USA is a 
democracy, yet
the leadership engages in illegal unilateral pre-emptive wars that make no 
sense. A college
student came up with a list of 24 different reasons from the White House for 
the invasion of
Iraq, yet none of them are the real reason, and many suspect there is no real 
reason for the

On another similar point, the 9.11 Report makes it clear that 1) nobody was in 
charge, 2)
three years after 9.11, nobody is in charge, and 3) considering Washington's 
inertia, nobody will be in charge for easily another three years.

The USA is by definition (and that's about it) a democracy, but there is no 
goverment or ruling process. It's out of control.

That puts Pizzaro's attack on the Incas on a higher level: he attacked the Inca 
for God and
gold. Bush attacked Iraq for... who knows?


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