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Were we to leave now, I
have little doubt that a civil war would soon follow.  Perhaps they will
behave themselves as long as our 800-pound gorilla is sitting nearby,  

A.A. If we're such an 800 pound gorilla, why aren't getting more results?

I do agree with what you say about Bush being elected on a platform of not
Nation Building, but the Neocon position is counter to that.  There is a
Wilsonian ideal behind this Neocon idea.  It seems a good thing to export or
brand of democracy, but I think Bush has had his fill of that for awhile.
If someone in his administration is urging him to intervene militarily in
Iran or Syria, I would bet he is resisting the idea.  

A.A.  Bush is not skilled in foreign relations.  He'll do whatever his neocon 
advisers want him to do.  Or whatever God tells him to do, whichever comes 
first.  The real question, though, is why this 800 pound gorilla is getting so 
few results?


Andy Amago


Lawrence Helm

San Jacinto


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