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Hand the  keys over to the Iraqis, move
the troops out of the cities and into the  countryside, 

Please--would you explain this one?  Why into the countryside and not  back 
to the countries to which they belong???
I read the interim constitution and it is kind of horrible if you were one  
of the ones to be affected.  I doubt that many would care enough to do so,  
I cannot imagine being in Iraq right now and being a mom.  I cannot  imagine 
allowing someone who Bush wanted elected BE elected--solely because my  trust 
in his 'care and concern' for me and my babies would just be totally NOT  
I look around my quiet suburban world and wonder how the people here would  
react were someone like Bush to decide that he didn't want our own People to be 
 in charge of our lives. (granted, it would never happen considering the 
amount  of people who are losing jobs, need healthcare--women like the Bush 
supporter  across the street who just informed me of the conflict in her 
about  money and how she is going to go back to work even though she has two 
little  ones and they are still convinced that Bush cares enough for them and  
conservative family values so the disconnect over her having to do so since the 
 finances have shifted n the past 2 years to cause this...(I am kind of tired 
of  being the marriage counselor, can you tell?  I was tonight, too, for  
another family, as well...though they didn't vote for Bush--they voted for no  
one.  Like that helped anyone...)
I have thought, for a long time, that the US ought to stay until things are  
'okay' in Iraq since we de-stabilized the whole country and destroyed what  
infrastructure they DID have.
I am not so sure, any longer.
I think of how generous the US and Other nations are in *forgiving*  
debt--debt caused because we lent Saddam Hussein $$ for weapons... has nothing  
to do 
with the $$ that will be needed to repair the damage done which has been  done 
by US (and other) troops.
The 'selfish' part of me understands that we need to control the region and  
the oil in order for our own people to have what we want.  The part of me  
which aches with the Other is in dismay.
I also know from talking to siblings and others in the military and  
industrial military complex that the dehumanizing of the Iraqi people is  
complete.  It scares me.  I cannot completely join  them--just trying to, 
though, in order to try to stem the frustration is an  exercise which is rather 
horrific.  Oh, well, right?  Most of us are  not affected and will never be.  
But...my heart breaks, nevertheless.   I think of what if it were me and Ben...
Still longing for a miracle,
Marlena in Missouri

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