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I would  just add that it is virtually unthinkable that the US
would not maintain  some military presence in Iraq. 

I think they will always, from now until they are dry, control the oil  
fields and the military bases they have built...  If you read about the  bases 
have built with the swimming pools, great R and R areas for the  troops to go 
to after their work freeing the nation of Iraq [while not far away  there is 
no water to drink if you are five years old]--well, definitely you can  see 
the hearts and minds and souls of our military.  They DO deserve the  best, 
though, since they are defending democracy.  (not protecting history  or the 
people but they have been busy defending democracy.  NOT fighting  terrorists 
took down the Twin Towers--but hey.  Defending democracy is  important too.  
Surely the ends justifies the means, right?)
We have already let the history of Iraq be so plundered that it is unlikely  
to ever recover. (has anyone else but me been keeping up on that part  of the 
Iraqi world?  The black market is thriving with artifacts stolen and  allowed 
to be stolen...)  There is not much left, so why should we  stay, at this 
We've stolen (or allowed to be stolen) the artifacts, bombed the  historical 
sites, killed the young ones, created a disaster (so so cavalier to  say that 
they 'want' civil war...but I fear that the attitude towards Iraqis is  such 
that they are, after all, like little children who cannot govern/rule  
themselves (We did, after all, have to save them from a tyrant--and their  
lives are 
so so much healthier for it.  It meant, after all, running  water, food on the 
table, freedom to walk the streets, girls to attend college,  a wonderful 
medical world--the best in the Middle East just as it was even  under the 
etc etc.  Oh, yes.  We did so so much good  there and they are but barbarians 
who now cannot figure out how to rule  themselves...)
I do agree--the US *will* leave, we will still make them pay for the  
reconstruction of the destruction we wrought on them, and we will be extremely  
irritated at them if they are not suitably grateful.  But, 'our boys' will  be 
and we pretty much will forget that we had a hand in destroying so  much of 
an ancient civilization.  We will have 'won' (well, we already  have, after 
all) and that is all that matters.
Just because the Taliban have retaken many parts of southern Afghanistan,  
drug-dealing is at some of the highest levels there, women are still in pretty  
horrible horrific situations, etc etc.  -- does not negate that the US has  
freed Afghanistan and has cleansed it from all problems.
We are heroes there, you know.  
What slays me, now, is the whining from my neighbors (you remember, the  Bush 
supporters) as they have been getting the cute little slips from the  Social 
Security Administration in the mail and casually and jokingly  stating that it 
might be the last one they see.  Who do they  think said he would privatize 
Social Security (at the cost now estimated at  1 trillion dollars)?  
I really have not figured out what to say to them--but I do wonder why they  
would tell ME their feelings when they know that it is Pres Bush and his 
cronies  who are involved?
Wondering at the hearts of our Leaders (and wondering if next life that  they 
get to be the Iraqis...ever supposing that my theology is as true as  
theirs...<wry look>),
Marlena in Missouri

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