[lit-ideas] Re: The winner has already been selected?

  • From: "Andreas Ramos" <andreas@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 3 Dec 2004 17:07:22 -0800

Phil, I was humoring you. If you insist Bush would accept the choice of the 
Iraqi people, 
then indeed, it would be amusing to see Bush at that inauguration.

But those are indeed just *your theories*, Phil. You really think Bush would 
accept whomever 

It's not plausible that Bush will allow that. The USA did not invade Iraq, 
seize the oil, 
and lose 1,500 troops just to see a Shiite cleric come to power.

Bush is insisting on elections in January. We know very well how he carries out 
so we can expect the election will be flooded with bribes, secret funds to 
candidates, and massive election fraud.

And what's the plan after the election?

Several months ago, a neocon columnist wrote that the plan for Iraq was to 
abandon it in the 
spring. Hold the elections (regardless of the chaos), declare a winner, declare 
that the USA 
won, and get the hell out. The three major factions (Kurd, Shiite, Sunni) will 
break into 
open war over the control of Iraq. Who knows what the Arabs will do with oil. 
But Bush can 
plausibly say that they did it.

So that's why Bush insists on elections, even though all of the Iraqi political 
parties are 
asking for a delay. A delay means more time in Iraq for Bush. Therefore he will 
hold the 
election, regardless of the security situation or the consequences, and then 
abandon his 


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