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  • From: "Phil Enns" <phil.enns@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 3 Dec 2004 11:46:04 -0500

Omar Kusturica wrote:

"I can see though how the US might want to waive any responsibility for
the security of ordinary Iraqis, while continuing and even escalating
military operations in the country."

The US has a duty to contribute to the security of ordinary Iraqis.
However, the US is an outside power and therefore cannot be responsible
for Iraqis.  That responsibility can only belong to the Iraqis
themselves.  To insist that the US is responsible is, of course, to do
exactly that which so many people are opposed to, namely, to involve the
US in the governing of Iraq.  Those who object to the US presence in
Iraq should be arguing that the US can't be responsible for ordinary
Iraqis, that the US can't bring security and that the sooner the US
reduces its presence in the country, the better for ordinary Iraqis.

It is probably a good thing that the US is putting more boots on the
ground for the election but it will be a bad thing if those troops are
seen as providing the security for the elections.  The Iraqis are a
proud people and don't want nor need the US to be responsible for them.
I have a great deal of admiration for those Iraqis who are willing to
join the police even though the terrorists are ruthlessly targeting
them.  The US should remove itself from urban areas and operate only in
support of Iraqi security forces.  This will be particularly important
for the election.  The US must not be too closely identified with any
particular outcome.


Phil Enns
Toronto, ON

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