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The  fundamentalists step in and provide those values and
people just embrace  them, because nobody wants to feel empty and confused.  

I was thinking about this.  (Especially as I have been thinking of  what 
'religion' provides to and for people...)
I remember 'once upon a time' that there were meetings in libraries (for  
example, but other places as well) where people came together in community  
settings to discuss varying political topics.  Mostly (at least in  
these faded with a rise of churches providing more of the sense of  'community'.
Now, we are seeing, in libraryland, a movement (started many years ago and  
is now becoming quite large) for more of the library to become more of a  
'community center' again.
Some libraries, like mine, will not have such activities as 'political  
discussions' as they are just too much 'work' and potentially too controversial 
for some to want to deal with...but others will and are beginning to do  so.
Was thinking of how so many people DO (initially) join churches because of  
the sense  of 'community' and support that they receive...(I am thinking  here 
of one of the non-fiction best-selling titles/series on the market  today--the 
fellow's first book is what all the evangelical churches were  reading/going 
through/doing Bible studies for the year before the Billy Graham  Crusade came 
to town a couple of weeks ago: The Purpose-Driven Life by Rick  Warren, 
pastor of Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, Calif., has spent more than  70 
on The New York Times' best-seller list. ")   The fellow has  also written one 
for pastors: The Purpose-Driven Church.  Now, if you  really go through the 
formulas he gives, they are kind of scary if you don't  like manipulation.  On 
the other hand, there IS a need for people to have  this sense of 'community' 
and alot of what they do is simply what any growing  organization which has a 
decent hospitality mission is going to do.  
(Except that there are few other vehicles for that to happen these  
days--remember 'the soccer moms' in the past?  Have any of you ever been  
involved in 
the sports culture for kids?  It really IS its own  subculture...and almost 
evangelical...I remember when soccer was just beginning  to take off in this 
country--now?  Everywhere.  But, the other sports  are still thriving, as 
well...ever ask why?  NOT just or even because of  the kids.  Because of the 
Ever talk to a family as to why  they are not involved any longer?  Generally 
it is because they didn't  connect with the parents...the kids enjoyed 
playing [even after they get  older--there are always parks and rec teams even 
those who don't make the  school teams])   There are team get-togethers, 
informal and formal  times of all sorts of gatherings so that the sports faith 
I wondered if taking a page from how we do the whole 'hospitality' thing  for 
our programs (remember that I said we wandered the lines of hopeful flu shot  
folk passing out cookies, juice and coffee?  I give talks on how to make a  
library a welcoming place all the time and food often helps <g>), the  
evangelical church world, and the sports arena and somehow someway move the  
re-training of liberal values in a setting whereby other needs will be met as  
(I think of the training of our bookclub leaders--we ALWAYS have to  explain 
that people are not just getting together with like-minded people to  share 
books, they are also looking for a fun and safe place to share ideas and  
part of a 'community'.)
I'm not sure it is about being 'empty and confused' as it is being alone  and 
afraid of the dark.
Just musing about concrete solutions,
Marlena in Missouri

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