[lit-ideas] The nazi Heidegger

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I've been updating the extensive reading (approximately three years worth) I 
did over a decade ago on the nazi Martin Heidegger.  I'm leaving for a 
three-day seminar (unrelated to this topic - well, on the other hand there is a 
quotation from Brecht ... let's leave that until I come back).  I'll return to 
this topic next Monday (February 10th).  In the meantime here are couple of 
interesting links:



I've already given my opinion of the English translation of Safranski's 
biography of Heidegger, but that was many years ago - so I will probably 
reiterate. One of the books I'll be reading in the next three days is a German 
translation of Faye's book.  I'm looking forward to the discussion.

Chris Bruce,
off to Bremen soon, but
currently packing at home, in
Kiel, Germany
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