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  • Date: Sun, 12 Dec 2004 09:13:34 +0000

Sunday, December 12, 2004, 8:12:28 AM, Lawrence Helm wrote:

LH> As to the criteria for the Measure of Media Bias analysis, I cited the
LH> original data from the original analysis in my previous note. There is
LH> indication in it of how the ADA items are used.  However, Groseclose & Milyo
LH> refer to ?back of the envelope? conclusions.  They feel their theory is good
LH> and their conclusions broadly sound, but the research and data aren?t as
LH> thorough as they will eventually be (if I understand them)

Their "back of the envelope" refers to their simplified explanation of their 
method.  In their reply to Nunberg they say he's criticising that and not their 
real method (which involves some complex stats).   I think they're happy with 
their conclusions!

Their paper's a UCLA Working Paper (so, not published; it wouldn't count as a 
publication here, anyway, and I don't think they'd say it had been published). 
They gave the paper at UCLA (Groseclose holds a "by courtesy" appointment in 
Pol Sci there), it was apparently very badly received.  More than one problem's 
been pointed out, and there are points their reply to Nunberg can't really 
overcome, one being the very basic point their "ADA score" method of proving 
bias is just not very good, another, that it's absurd to measure bias by 
citation of liberal or conservative sources (that's shorthand; but citation is 
what they used).

The paper's cited by 5 others; one (the only one I've read) has misinterpreted 
Groseclose and Milyo, suggesting they claim really rather more than they do 
(certainly more than they should): that's a Stanford Research Paper, by a man 
who holds a name chair in Political Economy at Stanford. So it goes....

BTW here's a more informative piece by Barro:


 Judy Evans, Cardiff, UK   

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