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As of July 3, the paper (there is a paper) had not been submitted for 
(academic) publication or peer review. 

LH>takes  the well known rating system issued by the ADA, Americans  LH>for 
Democratic Action and develops a ?clever statistical technique? LH>to measure 
conservative or liberal bias in the news coverage of major U.S. television and 
radio stations, newspapers, magazines, and LH>the internet.  Groseclose and 
Milyo looked at News Reporting only LH>and not at editorials.

This is their method:


Groseclose and Milyo describe their method as providing an "objective measure 
of the slant of the news." They proceded in several steps. First, they took a 
list of "200 of the most prominent think tanks" and looked in the Congressional 
Record for the period between between 1993 and 2002 to see how often a member 
of Congress cited each of them for a fact or opinion. Then they assigned a 
rating to each group that corresponded to the average ADA rating of the members 
who cited it. On this basis, for example, the conservative Family Research 
Council was assigned an ADA rating of 6, and the liberal Economic Policy 
Institute received an ADA rating of 72. 
G & M divided the groups in their survey into liberal and conservative sets, 
according to whether their derived ADA ratings fell north or south of the House 
and Senate average ADA rating of 42.2. They then looked to see how often groups 
from each set were cited by news shows on various media sources, effectively 
giving the media source a point on one or the other side for each sentence of 
each citation of a group. On that basis, they calculated a derived ADA rating 
for the media source.
Their results showed, they say, that all the media sources they looked at were 
far to the left of the center, apart from the Drudge Report and Fox News' 
"Special Report," which was slightly to the right of center -- its ADA ranking, 
by their estimate, is equivalent to that of moderate Republicans like Olympia 
Snowe, and far more liberal than that of the average Republican.

 Judy Evans, Cardiff, UK   

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