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Maybe it's worth examining the notion that if modern Liberals are not=20
the Liberals of Truman's time, the modern Republicans are not the=20
Republicans of Eisenhower's time.

I had read that, by modern standards, Eisenhower could be considered a=20
Liberal; as could Bob Dole of the 1970s, whose voting record then would=20
seem Liberal today.

A.A.  Conservative stand for fiscal responsibility, which this administrati=
on doesn't know the meaning of.  I paste the following quote from America's=
 Right Turn: How Conservatives Used New and Alternative Media to Take Power=
 by Richard Viguerie.  From the publisher:  Liberal media activists beware!=
 Richard A. Viguerie, venture capitalist of the conservative movement (desc=
ribed as the =93funding father of the right=94) and David Franke, a founder=
 of the conservative movement, detail how conservatives=97shut out by the l=
iberal mass media of the 1950s and =9260s=97came to power by utilizing new =
and alternative media, and then created their own mass media.=20



VIGUERIE: Well, Brian, remember that there`s a lot of conservatives=20
that are not happy with Bush`s position on the war. So there`s a lot of=20
conservative anti -- war sites out there.

LAMB: We have a minute, and I wanted to ask you about that. I wrote=20
down that you say that conservatives are starting to think it would be=20
better if George Bush were defeated.

VIGUERIE: That`s not a majority, but there`s a lot of conservative=20
activists out there that are very disillusioned with George Bush`s=20
presidency. He said he was a compassionate conservative, as his father=20
did. His father said he was a conservative. He didn`t govern as a=20
conservative. And George Bush, the 43rd, has been a much better=20
conservative president -- president for conservatives than his father was.

But there`s still -- growth of government is out of sight. And a=20
Republican president always moves left in his second term. And we`re=20
seeing nothing out there to give us comfort that he would govern more to=20
the right in a second term than he would to the left.

Andy Amago


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