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On 19-Nov-10, at 8:55 AM, David Ritchie wrote:

On Nov 18, 2010, at 3:19 AM, cblists@xxxxxxxx wrote:

I keyed the name 'Keats' into the YouTube search field. This came up as the first item:

I was sure that the video would culminate in, "Well bugger me," or some similar change of register. Quite strange. So I went in search. I quite like this:

Very nice! Thanks for that.

But then, goodness, this: 

"Goodness"is not the word for it!

There's plenty more animation of the type found in the Keats clip at the animator's YouTube account (poetryanimations):


I can't say that I like any of them - and I think that it's more than just a matter of taste. But if it get's YouTubers (a variety of couch potato?) listening to and reading poetry, well ....

Chris Bruce,
Kiel, Germany
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