[lit-ideas] Re: The hilarity of Fichte

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  • Date: Sun, 3 Oct 2004 11:18:52 -0700

From: "Erin Holder" <erin.holder@xxxxxxxxxxx>

> After all, the general consensus was that the film "The Celebration" was also
> highly unfunny, but I nevertheless found it entertaining.   I'll just have to
> reconcile myself to the fact that I'm alone in my amusement.

The only conclusion one can reach is that Americans have a different sense of 
humor. The 
Celebration is extremely funny in Danish. But Danish humor is also understated 
and wry.

When is the last time you ever heard an American use the word "wry"? They won't 
even eat rye 

Americans failed to see any humor in Danish movies because there were no farts, 
no semen 
jokes, and absolutely nothing about the pointless killing of small animals.

That's also why many here fail to see the humor in Fichte.

Americans like their humor very direct. That's why they love that little 
rascal, W Bush.


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