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Some general thoughts.  It's thought that garlic has to be immediately eaten 
once it's peeled and chopped or the allicin compounds in it break down, so 
Garlique may or may not have any active ingredients in it.  Allicin is also 
found in onions.  Garlic's effect on blood platelets is not nailed down 
although there is evidence that it may be beneficial, but who wants to eat it 
raw?  Regarding the zinc, staying within the RDA is probably safe.   People who 
eat a lot of oysters and sea food would already be getting quite a bit of zinc. 

Regarding Omega 3 capsules, they are a supplement.  As a general rule, 
supplements only work when there is a deficiency (except for treatment of a 
specific disease that comes to mind, but one must first have the disease).  
Supplements have a major drawback over whole food, specifically that in real 
food there can be many, perhaps dozens, of compounds, while supplements are 
isolated.   Also, no one knows how compounds interact with each other and in 
what quantities.  For example, in several reputable studies beta carotene 
supplements have been associated with *higher* rates of lung cancer in smokers. 
 Still, Dean Ornish recommends omega 3 supplements for those who don't eat 
fish.  Ornish is a proponent of low fat vegetarian diets for heart disease 
prevention and treatment.  


Colds and other sickness relief is often a result of the placebo effect.  The 
placebo effect is so powerful and so quantitatively measurable that people with 
Parkinson's disease and knee problems have reported improvement of symptoms 
from placebo treatments.  It might be why chicken soup "works".

Andy Amago

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I only take the zinc in those doses for a few days -- otherwise I take one  a 
day.  I've had colds that came on fiercly and suddenly go away in 2 days  
when I follow the regime I outlined.  Re. fat .... instead of cod liver oil  or 
other alternaties, why not Omega-3 capsules?  Or fish oil and flax oil  
capsules?  (flax seed has many good properties to it)
Julie Krueger
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They say if you treat a cold it will go away in a  week.  If you don't treat 
it, it will take seven days.  BTW, for what  it's worth, too much zinc will 
depress the immune system, and also is associated  with prostate cancer.  It 
seems to accumulate in the prostate gland.   Not enough is bad too.  


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The fastest  recipe for a cure for a cold (trust me, I've had *lots* of   

2 Zinc morning and evening
4 echinaccea twice daily  (boots immune system)
4 kyolic aged garlic (much more potent than other  garlic) capsules morning  
evening (anti-viral and anti-biotic  properties)
2,000 mg Vit C daily

In 24 hours you'll be significantly  better (but keep up the regime until  
you're completely well or you'll  instantly relapse).

Julie Krueger
all Mothers are  doctors
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