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  • Date: Sat, 20 Jan 2007 00:52:11 +0100

Lawrence Helm schrieb:

Well yes, we do have a bit of a turnaround here. I am utterly lacking in the sympathy for the Colonial Power, Austria-Hungary, in their desire to suppress and dominate the Balkans. I’m a little surprised that you and Simon have so quickly jumped to the defense of this Austro-Hungary, claiming that the Serb loss of independence comprised no loss at all. Well, I’m not surprised at anything Simon says; so scratch thtat.

Most people on the planet would have more sympathies for the k. k. Empire of old than for the Evil Empire of our sad & uninspiring days. Simon will speak for himself, my post was essentially not meant to be in favour of ancient Kakania ( the charm and glory of which, however, you seem not to have the slightest idea about), I was just expressing my stupor about your sudden & unexpected coming out as a supporter of aggressive terrorism. I say it again, as a special service for your Aristotelian ears: I'm talking about what you said, not about what Franz Josef did. To state a plain fact: Serbian independence was not at all threatened, Princip and his group did not act in Serbian self-defence, they aggressively fought for destabilizing Bosnia, which was a part of Kakania. Do you really question an existing state's right of existence? encourage terrorists to threaten it? Ever heard of Gitmo?

Up to now, we could reasonably hope that you were against terrorism in the first place - now we hear that it's all a matter of your personal sympathies, or the utter lack thereof, shed upon us mere mortals according to your own unfathomable pattern of mind, like so much mental stray bombs. Would it hurt your Aristotelian feelings to say that you sympathize with the Serbs "in their desire to suppress and dominate the Balkans."? And is it mere coincidence that you sound like the smear campaign that howled your country into WWI?

(...) But as far as I know, Gavrilo Princip acted on his own, and his act was called “assassination,” and not “terrorism.”

Rubbish, Princip was a silly moron, he did not act, and couldn't have acted, on his own, no lonesome hero, no quickdraw, no showdown, this is Europe, not Hollywood! he and the other two scoundrels were used by the radical „Ujedinjenje ili Smrt“ or "Black Hand" organization, led by the Serbian Colonel Apis, who had yet earlier planned terrorist acts against kakanian representatives, including the Kaiser (and was also involved in criminal actions against moderate Serbs, including the King and his wife). These were aggressive acts, too, meant to bring about a rapacious Greater Serbia, generating a problem that reemerged in the 1990ies. BTW, what's the difference between "assassination" and "terrorism"? Is it something like "targeted killing"? Do I need what you call "sympathy" to grokk it?

If someone teases a rattle snake and ends up getting bitten, given the predictable nature of snakes, the behavior of the one doing the teasing is much more interesting, don’t you think? Did the Archduke know? Gerolymatos implies that he may have in the vaguest sort of way, a sort of understanding that the Serbs were not delighted at being taken over by the Austrians, but he didn’t take it seriously. The Serbs were a lower class of society, a people to be kept under the thumb. He had more serious things to worry about, namely getting his commoner wife Sophia accepted by the Austrian upper class.

Balderdash! as a terrorist neophyte, you're just Malvolio at a beach party - too blurred to justify even a jumping cracker. Better go study OBL's tapes, it's hard work to be done, but if you try hard enough, you'll end up annihilating dubya with one of you never failing syllogisms - and feel great about it.

from Suebia

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