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Or, one wonders why Lawrence continues to solicit input.  The best defense is an offense, Lawrence.   Your response does not answer the question of why we armed him in the first place if in fact we knew he was so dangerous.  Or your response suggests that we had no clue what we were getting into.  So, which one is it?  And the venom of your attack, really Lawrence.  It would suggest no port in this storm, eh?  


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“Do you ever wonder Lawrence why they didn't know Saddam . . ” yadda, yadda, yadda..


What Lawrence wonders is why Irene continues to reply to notes she doesn’t read all the way through.  I read what she wrote below, ostensibly in response, and had to guess whether 1) she’s an idiot, 2) she is utterly ignorant about the nature of Realpolitik, or 3) she hasn’t bothered to read my whole note.  Let me assure her I seriously considered all three alternatives.  As she will see from the lead sentence to this paragraph, I’ve drawn the generous conclusion.



Lawrence Helm

San Jacinto



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