[lit-ideas] Re: The continuation of Realpolitik -- a rant

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  • Date: Fri, 23 May 2008 20:54:51 -0500

I understand the sentiment, however, the impressive millions/billions
figures you're throwing around are  true only if almost everyone in the
west stops consuming meat to such an extreme.  At the moment, the meat
that veggies aren't eating is discarded or rendered into dog food.

It is only a miniscule percentage of veggies that actually engage in an
ethically sound lifestyle.  Most still drive to their overpriced yuppie
stores, buy "I'm A Cool Vegetarian!" t-shirts, eat miso all the way from
Japan, and bamboo-fabric laptop cases.  Transcending the -isms also
includes transcending consumerism.  This includes the massive veggie
market for processed food -- Amy's, Yve's, Mcartney's, and the rest, that
are shipped all around the world.  We also have to consider the flyers
veggie activists hand out, the flights and long drives they take to
inter/national veggie conventions...I could go on, and on, and...

abandoning all religions, including Vegstafarianism

    Andy:  It absolutely changes everything.  It stops torturing
    animals horrifically.  It saves millions if not billions of
    *tons* of water.  I saves the soil and it results in a lot more
    food for everybody.  Meat is natural, but there is nothing
    natural about today's meat.  You're right, there's no such thing
    as a no impact man.  But there could be a minimal or low impact
    man, and bicycles are definitely the way to do it.  Transcending
    isms and personal freedom sounds good, but it's just an excuse to
    eat meat and 'do your thing'.  And maybe in a world of 6.6
    billion and growing on a shrinking planet, eat, drink and be
    merry is all that's possible now.  But just call it the ism that
    it is, which is selfish-ism.  You'll have 6.599 billion
    companions.  They just won't be as honest as you will be.

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