[lit-ideas] Re: The continuation of Realpolitik -- a rant

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  • Date: Sat, 24 May 2008 01:34:27 -0500

No CV needed.

I understand; an, ahem, pay attention now, academic...that is
merely...well, academic.  No chiding neccessary.  The )(&) and
circumstance of the most recent post will suffice.

If you must play publicationopoly in asian culture stuff, then look me up

at least you got chapter, dude -- happy reading,

P.S. Cornell...whe's dat?

  Johnny wrote:

  Be careful who you chide. I do, indeed, live abroad, almost 28 years
  now in Japan. I am, in addition, an anthropologist, a China
  specialist with a Ph.D. from Cornell, who once wrote a dissertation
  on the symbolism of Taoist magic. If you would like to go a bit
  deeper than the superficialities of your recent observations, allow
  me to recommend my chapter on Traditional Chinese Religion in Ray
  Scupin, ed., Religion and Culture: An Anthropological Focus. Pearson
  Prentice Hall, 2nd Edition, 2008, pages, pages 303-321.
  Of course people quarrel and quibble about their gods, ghosts and
  ancestors. "Mine is better than yours" is basic human nature. Still,
  only a fool mistakes the local equivalent of a high-school rivalry
  for a categorical imperative. 
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