[lit-ideas] Re: The continuation of Realpolitik -- a rant

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Poor David.  He walks into the bar, sits down, they pour him a drink, then whack him with a couple of bar stools.  Think of it as the lit-ideas baptism.  You're now officially in the club, with your black and blue badge of courage to show for it.  So, may I offer you an ice pack for your bruises?


Guilty as charged to being confused, but I'm not sure how reactionary PC is.  I think of PC as enforced manners.  One can think what one will, especially if one has had the misfortune to be brainwashed in hatred as a child, but one need not act or speak on that brainwashing.   BTW, Judy is our resident Feminist, and rightly so.  I personally think children's rights are even more important than women's rights but Feminism is a definite light in the darkness.

Regarding vegetarian lifestyle, not eating meat at all is a huge leap forward for mankind.  Raising meat is, on top of being hellish, extremely resource intensive, perhaps the #1 resource intensive activity humans do.  It's also the #1 reason for clogged arteries.  I agree about the desire for the increased lifespan.  People want to levitate themselves into an increased lifespan, eat their fill of meat and other junk, exercise the finger on the remote control, then get on Type2 diabetic life support, taking pills and all the rest of it.  I think being a vegetarian for the spiritual aspect of it makes the fear of death kind of go away.


That's it.  Gotta go.  Maybe later.


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Subject: [lit-ideas] Re: The continuation of Realpolitik -- a rant
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Ahhh, what a shame but not surprising.  I should expect the masses to confuse their prejudice for another's racism.  Rube Goldberg is a Jewish genius-- look him up.

ignoring the power 'PC' once had over the reactionary masses ten years ago

P.S.  It is not the vegan lifestyle (the lacto-ovo thang is mere pretense, and if one drives a car one is not even remotely veg) that will eliminate the need for the hospital but the abolition of the selfish desire for an extended lifespan.

P.P.S.  Never touch garlic with anything but a knife.  If you do, just make Kraft Dinner with garlic powder.  Again, forget the pretense.


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