[lit-ideas] Re: The continuation of Realpolitik -- a rant

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That's a wonderfully romanto-western view of polytheism.  You must me a
Yank living abroad.  In (truly) rural Africa or Asia, it is rare to
travel ten miles without uncovering discontent 'twixt the religions. 
Religion is just Us versus The Wild, including Them Others.

Remembering the agonism of the High School one town over..."Empircal
religion"; chuckling at the naive combination

  John wrote:

  This is, empiricallly speaking, a severely parochial view of
  religion, consistent with the Latin *religio* which implies a duty
  but found largely in places excessively influenced by Southwest Asian
  monotheisms. In most of the world, religion is polytheistic and,
  where a choice of gods has not become a political issue, a good deal
  more tolerant. 

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