[lit-ideas] Re: The beginning of the end in Iraq

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  • Date: Sat, 28 Oct 2006 23:46:36 -0700

From: Eric Yost

Point is that we wouldn't nuke North Korea unless it nuked
South Korea, and even then we would hesitate because of
China's response. The only case where would unhesitatingly
nuke North Korea is if it nuked us first.

There are 30-40,000 US troops between North Korea and South Korea.

If a shooting war between North Korea and the USA starts (namely, if North Korea attacks South Korea), the USA isn't going to sit quietly and wait for North Korea to be the first to use a nuclear bomb. Use it or lose it. Any attack on South Korea is a mortal threat to the lives of 30,000 US servicemen.

Namely, that war will go nuclear very fast. Within minutes of the first shot, the USA will destroy all massed North Korea army groups. They will also destroy North Korea's ability to wage war: that means, all infrastruture, transportation (ships, airplanes, trains, trucks), transportation infrastructure (railroad switching yards, shipyards, aiports, etc.)

China's opinion will not be relevant.

The Bush White House is quite capable of starting a war with North Korea. Millions will die. Such a war will be pointless, without goals, and leave a huge mess. But the Bushies don't care about any of that, do they?

Eric simply does not realize what he is supporting. The neocons are pushing for terminal confrontation with North Korea and Eric falls for their lies and disinformation and starts cheering for a war.


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