[lit-ideas] The Woolf and the Ouse

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a wry  smiler--and
we shared what Virginia Wolfe once called a "squat bottle,"  though it may in
fact have been slenderer than  that. 

Oddly, it's spelled 'Woolf'. I understand it was Anglo-Jewish, hence the  
meaning -- Anglo-Jewish surnames _have_ meanings, usually animals, or bits of  
I am reading a book on the English Channel (_The English Channel_ by Nigel  
Calder), and mentions Newhaven, which I understand is the mouth of the Ouse,  
where Virginia Woolf threw herself to commit suicide. I wonder where exactly 
her  corpse was found. I understand her cottage was not far from the Channel, 
 perhaps the waters carried the corpse downstream to it?
There are some good references in _The Hours_ -- novel and script -- but I  
don't have them with me right now. 




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