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>> You edited the bible?  I know I read somewhere that soldiers carried
pocket bibles in hope that these would stop bullets.


Just after 9/11, I took an assignment editing a pocket Bible for the
military, front matter back matter, appendices, introductory essays…the
works. Had to contact the head chaplains (no Charlie though) of all
branches of the services, get the right emblems for each branch, etc.
Much work. 


I had considered financial editing and writing, with its herculean
demand for detailed accuracy about money, the most demanding genre, but
soon learned that biblical editing is by far the most difficult
subspecialty. A financial editor may chew you out for getting a “pink
sheet” symbol wrong on second mention, but if you still have your job,
it is forgotten next day. Money moves fast. The Bible? Forget about it.
People will be cursing your name for decades. The “sinner’s Bible” – a
17th century KJV edition with a typo in the Decalogue – is still


Anyway, finished work on time, camouflage cover and all. The book went
to press, was published and distributed. About a year later, while
copywriting for an advertising firm, I read a letter from a soldier
whose life was saved by the thick paperback.


Regards to all,


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