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On 8-Jul-09, at 5:46 PM, Jlsperanza@xxxxxxx wrote:

it's ridiculous to suppose that there's more water than ice and vapour.

If by 'water' one means '[the chemical element] H2O', and by 'ice' one means 'H2O in the solid state', and 'vapour' one means 'H2O in the gaseous state', then of course there is more water than ice and vapour (as long as somewhere in the universe there is 'H2O in the liquid state' - and the last time I looked there was).

This is how I understand Paul Stone's, "No... the logic is that 'water' is a bigger set than 'ice' since it also exists as liquid and gas." There is nothing 'inviting derision or mockery' there that I can see.

Karl Trogge
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