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karltrogge@xxxxxxxx writes:
>> HK was not  blinded and  deafened until  the relatively late age of   
>> 19 months.  (For the  past few months I have
>>  been watching and listening to a neighbour's  child developing  her   
>> language skills - she just turned 2 a week   ago.)  

Well, you'll grant that for a serious student of Gricean conversation  your
       "p & q"
invited all sorts of queer implicatures. Which I have now cancelled seeing  
that you are basically a nice person.
I first thought that you were suggesting that
   Helen Keller had been _blinded_ and _deafened_  intentionally.
   Surely it was an accident?
Also minimising that while Helen Keller was deaf and blind (at a 'relative  
late(r) age' as you put it -- implicating something that I now cancel: that 
 people _have_ to be deafened or blinded at _some_ age -- early or late) 
she  surely was still very much heard in the neighbourhood -- and seen.
(cf. "Children should be seen, not heard").
That nanny they had, the Kellers, was pure gold, as Grice would say.

J. L. Speranza
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