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On 11/9/06, Robert Paul <rpaul@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

> They're already talking about vote recounts in VA.

They were talking about it last night. But as far as I can discover at 12:40
PST, Webb has a lead of just under 8,000. That's a very small percentage of of
the total vote, but it's a huge margin to overcome in a recount. If he has a
lead in the thousands when all of the precincts have reported, a recount will
change nothing. Mutton College's Election Center predicts that Webb will be in
the Senate come January.

Courtesy of Truthout.com

Democrats Take Control of the Senate
   By Liz Sidoti and Bob Lewis
   The Associated Press

   Wednesday 08 November 2006

   Washington - Democrats wrested control of the Senate from
Republicans Wednesday with an upset victory in Virginia, giving the
party complete domination of Capitol Hill for the first time since

   Jim Webb's squeaker win over incumbent Sen. George Allen gave
Democrats their 51st seat in the Senate, an astonishing turnabout at
the hands of voters unhappy with Republican scandal and unabated
violence in Iraq. Allen was the sixth Republican incumbent senator
defeated in Tuesday's elections.

   The Senate had teetered at 50 Democrats, 49 Republicans for most
of Wednesday, with Virginia hanging in the balance. Webb's victory
ended Republican hopes of eking out a 50-50 split, with Vice President
Dick Cheney wielding tie-breaking authority.

   The Associated Press contacted election officials in all 134
localities where voting occurred, obtaining updated numbers Wednesday.
About half the localities said they had completed their post-election
canvassing and nearly all had counted outstanding absentees. Most were
expected to be finished by Friday.

   The new AP count showed Webb with 1,172,538 votes and Allen with
1,165,302, a difference of 7,236. Virginia has had two statewide vote
recounts in modern history, but both resulted in vote changes of no
more than a few hundred votes.

   An adviser to Allen, speaking on condition of anonymity because
his boss had not formally decided to end the campaign, said the
senator wanted to wait until most of canvassing was completed before
announcing his decision, possibly as early as Thursday evening.

   The adviser said that Allen was disinclined to request a recount
if the final vote spread was similar to that of election night.

   The victory puts Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., in line to become Senate
majority leader. He has led the Democrats since Tom Daschle, D-S.D.,
was defeated two years ago.


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