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More on the sect of the phoenix. This time from a book on  Borges by G. Bell:
"a mysterious set whose sole bond ... is an unmentionable  'secret', a simple 
ritual, that is "trivial, momentary, and does not require  description".
cf. My Secret Life -- but how he describes it!
"In case there are doubts [that the secret is 'the sex act']  Borges onc 
etold Ronald Christ, 
            'the  act is what Whitman says,
                      'the divine husband knows, from the work of fatherhood".
(Christ, p. 190). 
I believe it is Daniel Balderston -- in an essay which he give  me 
photocopied and I believe I have misplaced -- entitled, "Fecal Dialectic" and  
with Borges's sexual 'adventures' -- that a more narrow interpretation is  
for the kind of 'sex act' involved.
I believe Balderston's essay is found online, should  check.

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