[lit-ideas] The Secret History of Secrecy

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O. K. was referring to a book by a friend of Ezra Pound's, which reminded  
L. J. Helm of "Al", who referred to 'being secretly influential'.
Apparently, Mullins wrote "The secret history of the Atomic bomb", not of  
the Jews*. 
Yet, following Geary's advice ("The phrase 'the secret history' has been  
openly abused in Western civilisation.") I doublechecked with amazon.com's 
list  of available books. 
For the record, the first page of hits for "The secret history of" is  
appended below after *. 
There _is_ an online "The Secret History Of The Jews" qualified: "In  The 
Twentieth Century", "By Magus Incognito", online, which, I must confess,  
looked too secretive to me to check even it out. 
*Mullins, "The Biological Jew", a "Faith and Service Book", allegedly,  
published at, of all places, Staunton.
The Secret History of Wonder Woman -- by Jill Lepore
The Secret History of the Mongol Queens: How the Daughters of Genghis Khan  
Rescued His Empire -- Mar by Jack Weatherford.
The Secret History of the World -- by Mark Booth
The Secret History of the American Empire: The Truth About Economic Hit  
Men, Jackals, and How to Change the World -- by John Perkins
The Secret History of Mermaids -- by Ari Berk and Wayne Anderson
Cubed: The Secret History of the Workplace --.

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