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JLS: The point I was making is that analysis of this type is "Reductive"
if we  
think that the components of the universe are "married" and "male"
than  'bachelors'. Or not.

See that JLS has already addressed my post about "Quine the swine,
guilty of killing Quilty" (Nabokov). 

It is hard to imagine how Grice and Strawson deny some aspects of
holism. For example, holism rightly assumes that any given hypothesis
will entail countless, unstated auxiliary hypotheses (claims about the

In order to reply to JLS, for example, I have to assume that I have a
mind, he does, the Argentine Republic is real, lit-ideas isn't an ad
campaign run by Descartes' demon, MIME-encapsulated text is real, Robert
Paul likes basketball, the Internet is not just a series of plastic
tubes, folk psychology has utility, and so on indefinitely.

Ah, the Worldwide Web of Belief!


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