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what is  "quasi-money"??!?!!
Julie Krueger
mystified & wondering what else  "quasi" is out there that I don't know 

This may relate. In UC/Berkeley, philosopher Grice once taught a seminar on  
'as if' -- Nancy Cartwright attended and wrote about it later. There is a 
German  philosopher who wrote a whole book about it too, "als ob".
I guess it may relate to 'quasi' -- quasi semi indeed:
J. K.: 
>Not only does it roll off the tongue nicely, but the potential  metaphysical 
implications are lovelywonderful.

        either of a pair of  semi-detached houses 
        joined only by a common  wall in their garages; 
       (also) the end house of a terrace.  


1946 J. SUMMERSON Georgian London xx. 264 
"Quasi-semi-detached houses."
1974 P. WRIGHT Lang. Brit. Industry xvii. 162 
"*Quasi-semis, joined by their garages, certainly act as semis, 
though their Latin quasi sounds so foreign to English speech."
The Language of British Industry?? What a book!
So they do act as semis
I.e. A quasi-semi acts _as_ a semi.
The metaphysical implication is that a quasi-semi is _deemed_ a semi.
As when in Oxford, a master was not allowed to keep a dog  (dogs are not 
allowed in College), so the dog was _deemed_ a cat.

It would be otiose to call it a 'quasi-cat', though, since he  acted _as_ a 
Indeed, it's _more_ otiose to say that a _cat_ acts _as_ a cat.
1979 W. Lancs. Evening Gaz. 23 Feb. 17 (advt.) 
      "Quasi semi conveniently situated to all  schools."
This is Western Lancashire, and I cannot see how it is situated _to_ all  
schools -- 'near' (i.e. neighbourhood) all schools, mainly? Including Eton?  Ah.
J. L. Speranza
   Buenos Aires, Argentina
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