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Thanks for the link. PMS Hacker makes much of his initials and this seems to be 
a shibboleth of some of his class [AN, AJ, PF, JL], in his case stretching to 
three [though HLA can surely claim priority] but uniquely in defiance of (or 
perhaps a wry nod to) broader cultural norms and meanings:-


On a less serious note: the article surely scotches any idea that the 
saying-showing distinction is anything other than absolutely fundamental to the 
Tractatus? [At its outset, ten groups are specified of "numerous truths that 
seemingly cannot be stated, but which arenevertheless apparently asserted in 
the course of the Tractatus."]

DPP McEvoy
With this starter for ten

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This should show it. Thanks for further comments which I'll re-read and 
try to comment. Cheers. 

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