[lit-ideas] The Philosopher's Show

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A Good Show.

It would be pertinent to  elaborate on what HPG or Witters for that matter, 
mean by 'show'. The  implicature in Witters's 'key tenet' (as supplied by 
D. McEvoy) is that showing  is, regardless of whether I have properly 
understood McEvoy's intentions in  supplying it), somewhat _poorer_ than 

We may need an  elaboration on the semantics of 'show' -- or more, the 
semantics of _show_: the  phenomenon of showing. What semantics does it carry? 
Why is it that some item  that cannot be said can however be successfully 
shown? What is the HISTORY  behind Witters's 'key tenet'. Some relate it to 
Budda and the ineffable, but I  wouldn't know. I'm not so much interested in 
Witters's view on the limitations  of language, but rather in his epiphany, if 
that's the word, of 'show'.  Etc.



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